Before you begin filling out your online application, please be advised of the following:

****You must be 21 years old or older to be accepted by Pulse as a member****

1. Paranormal Pulse is based in Utah. While we will perform investigations anywhere, Paranormal Pulse predominantly investigates currently in Utah. Paranormal Pulse is expanding not only in Utah but in other States and other Countries.

2. The more thorough your answers the better your chances of getting our attention.

3. You must include (upload) a photograph of yourself during the application process.

4. A great deal of information about you and your computer (which is always transmitted when you browse the internet) such as the IP address of your computer Your IP address will be recorded for our protection against malicious intentions and actions. Any malicious actions, identification fraud, and the like can/will be reported to the local authorities in your area.

5. We here at Paranormal Pulse do not discriminate!

6. Completion of an online application is not a guarantee you will be accepted to become an investigator with Paranormal Pulse. Generally speaking, we will want to do a personal interview with all candidates under consideration, and a determination will be made then, or later, depending on our needs.

7. Answer all questions honestly, and most importantly accurately. If you think telling us the best ghost story in the world is going to sway us to choose you above all others, think again! First, we've been in this business a while, and we know a thing or two about fact from fiction. Second, your experiences are only a small part of what we are looking at in regards to your application.

8. Please realize we here at Paranormal Pulse agree to never disclose any of your personal information to the public, or anyone else. This information will be used to pick candidates for our team, and will not be used in any other manner.

If you agree to take the time to complete this application honestly, and professionally, and to supply the required photograph and personal information.

Be advised. An email confirmation code will be sent to the email address you specify below. You should receive this confirmation code well before you complete this application. In order to activate your application, you will need to enter the confirmation code provided in that email on the final page of your application. Additional Instructions will be provided at that time.* Items are required!