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Jane Grove
Case Manager

I moved around a lot while growing up & have been to many historic places. Salem Mass. Was definitely my favorite! I have also been to Gettysburg & Valley Forge to name a few. Once, while taking my own unplanned "scenic route" through Colorado, I was lucky enough to drive past the Stanley Hotel. Awesome!!!!

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Kimberly Brown
Client Manager

I have officially been investigating in the world of the paranormal for two years though the paranormal world has been a big part of my life for as long as I can recall. I grew up in a house with unexplained occurrences with doors flying open, glass shelves falling but not breaking, just to name a few. I have witnessed a full bodied apparition of my grandfather years after he had passed, I have heard voices in the various homes I have lived in, and even had a ghost dog try to play tug with a stick that I was carrying. Crazy I know! Those experiences keep me going wanting to learn more, see more, and gain a better understanding of the unknown and learn all I can. I love sharing experiences and investigations through podcasts and going live to have others join in the investigation. Happy Haunting. 

Marissa Bogovic
Director Historical Research

Hello my paranormal friends! My name is Marissa and I am originally from St. Petersburg, Florida, but now live in West Valley City, Utah. My paranormal journey began in my teens experiencing paranormal phenomenon, and continued rapidly as I became an adult. My abilities and gifts are growing the older I get - it is both frightening and fascinating! I sought out a paranormal group that I could share my experiences with, and found the amazing Paranormal Pulse team. The team took me in under their wing and showed me that I can be myself without fear of judgement. Being able to see and communicate with spirits has been something I shied away from telling people as I was fearful of how others would see me. Being able to share my experiences with my team in a safe place was liberating. I am so grateful for this team, and so grateful to call them family. I now accept my paranormal experiences as my own, and no longer consider them a "curse".  I enjoy investigating new locations and meeting others who have the same experiences. This team is dedicated to helping those who have questions about the paranormal, or looking for people who understand what they are going through. 

Carrie Pytlik
Executive Director
Executive Director

My journey into the paranormal began at a very young age. My childhood was different than most people. As a child, I would regularly see “people” who were not physically there. I would feel a variety of different emotions that were not my own. I could hear voices, music, and sounds that others could not. I was drawn to touching everything due to the vibrations the objects emitted.  Luckily, my parents supported me and made me feel normal. I hid these abilities from others the best I could. I did not want people to judge me. As I grew older, I realized that I was not a freak, and I was given a gift. I was proud of what I could do; therefore, I decided to embrace my abilities. I began a quest to understand the paranormal by investigating every place that I would go. Throughout my life, I lived in numerous states and even lived in England for four years. While in England, I was able to travel to many other countries. At almost every place I visited, I was able to feel, see, and hear things others could not. My final destination eventually became Utah. I discovered a paranormal group in Utah, and I excitingly joined. I now was with others that could understand and accept my abilities. My dedication to the paranormal allowed me to quickly ascend to the position of second in the hierarchy. Unfortunately, I was not happy with the team’s focus and plans for the future. I, and others from the team, decided to start fresh and create a new and more dedicated paranormal investigation team. Cordell and I created Paranormal Pulse in 2009. Paranormal Pulse quickly acquired a stellar reputation and provided me with many opportunities that other teams were not given. I have been investigating the paranormal for over 30 years. The paranormal and I have been linked my entire life. I now can openly, and proudly share my experiences with others.

Robert Ritchey
Assistant Case Manager

Active duty military member of the US Air Force and hopefully retire soon. Utah will be my retirement home....maybe!

Andrew Nunley